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Posture Corrector - Limited stock
Posture Corrector - Limited stock
Posture Corrector - Limited stock
Posture Corrector - Limited stock
Posture Corrector - Limited stock
Posture Corrector - Limited stock

Posture Corrector - Limited stock

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The Posture Corrector Pro back brace has an easy 8 shape design, this allows unrestricted movement across the upper body. If you are sitting all day during office hours you are more likely then not developing a poor posture and hunched shoulders, this has a carry on effect leading to issues with back, neck and shoulder pain! Poor posture also has a mental effect on those who stand straight often display subconsciously more confidence. Get your hands on a posture corrector, the best back brace for Posture! 
Back Brace For Posture Benefits include

✔ Develops muscle memory across the shoulders, neck, arms and upper back causing the natural alignment to return, stopping bad posture and preventing pains.

✔ Greatly decreases hunching and slouching within 2 weeks.

✔ A functional tool that can be used daily without any notice! Use it as your work, cook or exercise.  

✔ Stand tall and strong, greater posture displays confidence and gives a slimming effect.

✔ Posture Corrector Pro is made of the highest quality material, with breathable material that is defined for comfort and discreetness

The Posture Corrector Pro is the best back brace for posture and gives you a simple non-surgical tool that can be used from the comfort of your own home. 

Who Should Use a Posture Corrector?
The Posture Pro is the ideal tool for anyone suffering from lower & upper back pains, neck pain and shoulder pain. The Posture Corrector Pro comes with built-in adjustable tightening straps, meaning no matter your weight, height or sex the Pro is guaranteed to be nothing less than a perfect fit, making it the perfect back brace for posture.

How Long Should I Wear The Posture Pro?
If you're looking to improve your posture you should wear the Posture Pro daily for 15 - 20 minutes for the first two weeks, then add an extra 20 minutes to your daily routine. Please note not to overtighten your brace as this can cause excessive tension across the chest area, avoid these conditions and don't extend you used for over an extended time period.

Can you sleep with your Posture Pro?
Wearing your posture pro back brace for posture can be extremely uncomfortable, We here at AlignMat don't recommend wearing your Posture Pro when you sleep.

How long does the Posture Pro take to work?

Correcting your posture can take anywhere from a few days, a few weeks to a few months. Your posture is developed over a period of time, however with just 10 - 20 minutes a day with the Posture Pro you can normally see a positive result within 2 weeks. We are so confident in these results that we offer a 21 day back guarantee if you don't see some improvement in your posture.

The Posture Corrector Pro can easily be worn under your clothes if your working in the office or exercising at the gym you can have your posture corrector concealed. Always remember that the most important thing is to ensure your posture corrector fits your body, this will ensure a comfortable and pleasurable experience whilst helping to improve your posture. 

Posture corrector pro is unisex meaning its perfect to wear for both males and females. All are available in different sizes with options for adjustment to give you more relief and comfort as needed.  

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